Interview with Jonathan Cain: A HELLUVA JOURNEY


In April, after much demand for those who never stopped believing, Journey will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Astonishingly, this year marks the group’s 44th year together as a band. But, as even casual music fans know, it’s the near two decade on-off stint with lead singer Steve Perry (1977-1997) that cemented the group’s sound and legacy. None of the band members own up to knowing if he’ll show up on their proud day, but as ever, the door is open.

Interview with Nogah Engler: An Inside Look at How the Mesmerizing ‘Time Lapses’ Paintings Came to Be

“My commitment to personally and collectively [remember] is something that triggers me to produce these works.” In the elegant Galerie Huit I sat, surrounded by dozens of canvasses. Sitting next to me is the frightfully talented Israeli artist Nogah Engler herself. Intimidated? You bet. Excited? More than you know. It’s time you learn about Time Lapses, Engler’s solo debut exhibition in Hong Kong.

Interview with Jasmine Smith: Founder of Raven + Rose

When it comes to fashion in Hong Kong, there's no person better to talk to than Jasmine Smith. Not only did she start the #HKFashionBloggers community, she has grown from being the top personal stylist and fashion blogger in town to now having her own brand - Raven + Rose. Just how did everything come together? We chatted to her about her career, family life, fashion mantras and must-haves.

Best Bartender in the World Mr. Lyan Makes His Bloody Marys with a Microwave

Polish vodka royalty Belvedere recently paid a visit to Hong Kong to introduce the rye-based liquor’s all-natural philosophy, and helping to present was the UK’s king of cocktails himself, International Bartender of the Year 2015, Ryan Chetiyawardana—better known in the industry as Mr. Lyan, who has opened three top ranking bars in the world. Two of which—White Lyan and Dandelyan in London—have each won a string of accolades, frequently making appearances on global Best Bar awards lists. We sat down with Ryan at the recent event and talked cocktails, his ideal drink and how you can blitz a mean (and fancier) bloody mary at home: using a microwave.

Healthy Affair: A Talk with Cinci Leung

Here in Hong Kong, Chinese medicine has always been the go-to for the older generation, but for the younger generations, few actually know or trust it. Chinese medicine is actually a lot less damaging to the body, and even though a little bit slower compared to western medicine, has drastic benefits for the human body while only relying on Chinese herbs and their healing properties! So what exactly is it about? Which is better? We had a little chat with Cinci Leung, founder of EC Clincic to learn more about her story and Chinese medicine.