Suzanne Vega Interview

New York based Suzanne Vega has always had that rep of being a folky, soft voiced waif with a guitar who sings about small blue things. But she really transcended that genre (and rep) long ago. “Luka” and “Tom’s Diner” may be her biggest hits, yet she’s excelled in the so-called “alternative” genre with 99.9F Degrees, taken on Frank Sinatra’s songbook, written plays and collaborated with a breathtaking range of artists.


An Evening with Ian Anderson

It’s been nearly 20 years since Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull has performed in Hong Kong. That last appearance at the Ko Shan Theater met with rave reviews as he sang a wide selection from the group’s 40 year career, including “Aqualung”, “Locomotive Breath” and more from a catalog that boasts more than 30 albums and 50 million record sales.

A Chat with Macy Gray

Sometimes it just starts with a phone call. “Hello, would you like to talk to Macy Gray?”

“Sure,” I say. And why not? In the dozen years since her debut was released, she’s won several Grammy awards, made an impact on the music scene, jumped to the big screen and always followed her own muse. Plus, her show last week in Hong Kong was said to be a triumph.

Vocalist and guitarist Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors Interview

Concert promoters Your Mum have been bringing a continuous stream of hip, Pitchfork approved acts to Hong Kong over the last several months in a bid to bridge the gap between tweeny Kpop/boy band/flavor of the month groups and veteran record company approved arena artists. Godspeed! Your Emperor and Grimes are just two of the acts they’ll be bringing here soon for those who like their music left of center. And last month, they were responsible for getting two New York acts to play before a standing room only audience at Grappas. Indie rock/pop act Ra Ra Riot, with three albums and several prime time appearances to their name, was one of them.

The Brooklyn band Dirty Projectors also took to the stage. Over the course of their seven albums, they’ve recorded a series of Black Flag (the famed 80s Henry Rollins led punk act)) songs from memory, recorded with both David Byrne and Bjork and have shaken off easy pop-rock comparisons due to their need to constantly expand their sound. It helps that the six member group boasts three female singers, which keeps the group from being lumped in with the lo-fi/Strokes/Brooklyn based acts du jour.

Vocalist and guitarist Amber Coffman explained more during an email interview…



Chrissy Hynde (Pretenders) Interview

There’s absolutely no mistaking the voice when Chrissy Hynde is on the line. It’s gruff, sharp, quick and distinct. After a two year hiatus, the singer has put The Pretenders back together (“Today was Martin’s birthday and we’re going into rehearsals tomorrow for the first time”) for a mini-tour of Asia.