Sky Ferreira Interview

At the age of 22, Sky Ferreira seems to have experienced both the highs and lows of the music industry. If you believe the legend—or Wikipedia—she uploaded songs of herself on My Space as a young teen and practically bowed at the altar of producers Bloodshy and Avant, who took her on.

From there her story takes a bit of a turn, for there were album delays, record company disputes and the release of three EPs. Eventually, debut album “Night Time, Night Time” was released late last year. And it’s seriously good—displaying a cool mixture of dark pop that’s anchored by 80s styled instrumentation and dance beats.

Busy P Interview

Busy P is surely dedicated to his name. A man of several identities, he just finished a meeting and another phone interview before picking up our long distance call from the headquarters of Warner Music Hong Kong. With the promotions for Blohk Party growing as strong as ever; it’s hard not to anticipate for all the major acts that will be performing in Hong Kong from across the world. Same goes for Busy P himself as he tells us about his upcoming plans for Ed Banger, his own musical expressions and his preparations for Blohk Party Hong Kong with excitement and enthusiasm.

Sandro Botticelli’s Venus at University Museum and Art Gallery and Interview with Miss Alessandra Schiavo

The romantic envision of a Greek and Roman mythology beauty was given life during the extensively growing era of the Renaissance in Italy by Master Botticelli during year 1482. This first sketch spurred a whole series to come; marking an important advancement in the history of art and doubtlessly becoming one of the national treasures of Italy to this day. It is a piece of exquisite antique, but also a contributor for the new beginnings that era saw at the time between the 14th and the 17th century in Europe.   Glowing with beauty and expressive skills, this piece not only marked the end of the historical Dark Age in Florence; but also shines brightly for the presence of Italy in our modern community in Hong Kong.

Ylvis Interview

Happening tonight, the Mnet Asian Music Awards will be kick starting in Hong Kong this year. Obviously piled with a load of amazing Asian line ups; we can’t help but to also anticipate for the international celebrity performance also happening at the event.

Arthur Guinness presents Paint the Town Black – Interview with Alex Lam

You probably all know him for that gorgeous looking face of his on his works as a print model and as an actor; with that obvious fact that he is also the son of Hong Kong’s very own legendary George Lam.  But little did you know, he is also a passionate musician, with his face completely changing when he talks about music. Well spoken, quiet but determined; his performance that night spoke louder than his appearance which everyone sees at first glance.