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Easter Holiday Room Package at The Upper House


The Upper House is looking ahead to Easter which is not that far away and have launched their latest holiday package.

A staycation at the hotel including food and drinks benefits from their restaurant, Café Gray Deluxe. If you break it all down it does look pretty attractive for what you would usually have to pay to stay at the hotel. For the kids there is also an egg hunt and egg-and-spoon race on The Lawn on the Easter Saturday and Sunday (11th and 13th April 2020).

Best British bathroom and toiletries stores in Hong Kong


You will be surprised how many of your favourite UK products for the bathroom you can actually find in Hong Kong.

After being back in Hong Kong for a very long time I have searched far and wide for those products that I miss from the UK and have put together this article to help those that are looking too.

Uber Eats x Feng Shui

It was a delightful afternoon and wcity.com has been invited to the media luncheon with Uber Eats.

It was held at Cheung Kung Koon. Uber Eats team greeted us with a cup of jasmine tea and introduced us to a Chinese Astrologer Master Poon (Kelvin Poon), presenting first-ever Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food.

So, what is Feng Shui of Food?

Feng Shui of Food reveals the fortune of all 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2020, and Master Poon has made a collection on what type of food could boost your fortune in health, relationship, career and wealth in the coming year. Exclusively for Uber Eats user, you can now order your food based on your Chinese Zodiac signs with delicious meals brought straight up to your doorway with good luck.

For the media luncheon, Master Poon openly shares his experience in Feng Shui and explain what Feng Shui is really about. He said, “Feng Shui is not about superstitious but focuses on the energy around you, what would affect you and how the energy flows, so it enables Chinese Metaphysics knowledge to apply to daily life and tools of business decision-making.”

Below are the traditional Cantonese cuisine that has been served by Cheung Kung Koon, looks how delicious and fresh they are.