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Women's Festival 2019 was held from 23 August to 1 September in Eaton HK. With over 50 sections, participant can explore more the message behind the gender - Female.


What Kind of woman are you? Come explore with us.

I am a __________ woman. 

Nasty, Hairy, Extra large, Divine, Alien or Failed?


If you are not sure who you are, then just pick the one you are interested. This year there are 1 exhibition, 23 workshops, 9 panels, 1 party, 4 shows, 13 talks, and 5 films featured in the festival. I am sure that there must be some will suit your stomach.



Finding Your Totem with Zoobeetle: DIY Travel Tag Workshop

Everyone have their own totem, but how many of us can recognize the shape we are? ZOOBEETLE Paris is a Parisian luxury leather band combines handicraft with spirituality. In this workshop, Elsa, painter and Aristic Director will helpe us to found our totem and DIY our very own leather travel tag.

ZOOBEETLE: http://zoobeetle.com/


May Your Queendom Come: Women Claiming the Revolutions

What is the position of women in this society? To be hoest, the fight for women's rights emerged out of discountent with male-centric social movements, where women were ofter relegated to secondary and subsidiary roles in the pursuit for social equality and justice. But does it means that women have no contribution in promoting change? Definiely not.

The panelists shared how they build up their imgae and business as a women, to act against the steretype of the public society and live themselves. When everyone is trying to complain on the others, why don't we think of a solution to satisfied both of the needs but keep attacking each other? 


 Cosmic Sound Bath: A Transcendental Music Performance

Its difficult to take a real rest in this busy city. Even your work is finished, it does not mean that you can throw them all away. Just a call, it can bring you back to the stress. Then the question is, how to make a balance between?

Music is not only pleaseing to youre eyes, but can be a holistic experience for you whole body. MC Yan, the musician & street artist with the singing bowl and his voice, he will present a minimalistic yet powerful sound bath that blows our mind. In this transcendental music experience, the unique frequencies will permeate our every call and bring our inner tranquility.

It may be a little bit tried to hold the same position, but if you can keep it for 18 minutes, you will feel different. Well some may be not, its quite depends on several factors. I discussed with the other participants, them said you will feel hot, dizzy, itching...don't worry, its normal.


I Drink Cold Water: A Chinese Medical Self-Care Workshop

I like drinking cold water very much, specially in the hot summer. But every woman may knows that,  its quite painful to have cold drinks during the period.

Costa Lau, the founder of Chinese Medicine Clinic Yu Yat Tong believes that self-care through healthy diet does not have to be complicated. She introduces the Five Flavours Theory in the workshop and guide the participants to create their own concoctions with a range of herbs and plants. Identify your physique and based on your own condition to create the customized balance diet.


If you missed this year Women Festival, don't be worry. Keep your eyes on Eaton HK and look forward to the next year Women's Festival !


Women's Festival 2019 https://womensfestival.hk

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