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Who doesn’t love a good massage? But finding the right masseur: one who can read all your body’s aches and ailments and make them vanish with just the right pressure and moves, that’s hard to come by anywhere, and places in Hong Kong mostly fall into the two extremes: hole-in-the-wall massage parlours and high end spas. What about something in the middle? This new space in Central just might put the Goldilocks search to an end.

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Newly opened on Stanley Street in Central is The Right Spot, opened by two friends who work in the stressful world of finance who often popped down from the office for massage breaks. They were frustrated with the dingier state of the more affordable parlours around town, but didn’t find it necessary to splurge on a spa every single time—sometimes, you just need 50 minutes to iron out those knots before continuing on with your busy day.

The Space


When you enter The Right Spot, it looks more like an art gallery than a place for massage with its minimal, concrete walls and floors. Under comfortable dimmed lighting, dark curtains separate 12 Italian leather chairs for foot massages in the main room, all of which face the artwork on the walls, which you can contemplate during your session. There are also three stands in the room for head and shoulder massages, and four private rooms for full body treatments—with two that can be combined for couple's or BFF treatments. The furnishings here are plain, but of good quality and are comfortable.

The Treatment

During my trial session, I opted for a 50-minute body massage, which sets you back $420HKD. At the reception, I was told to choose my preferred strength of the massage, and place stickers on a body chart to show the parts I felt needed more attention—an odd step I thought at first, because why not just have me point or describe?—But if it helped focus on spots where I needed the most work, then no complaints from me!

My masseur was Xiao, a slim, smiling woman who turned out to be surprisingly strong and knowledgeable about ligaments and tendons. In fact, she was hired by The Right Spot’s co-founder Vivian, who is a longtime client of hers. I wanted to focus particularly on my aching lower back, shoulders, and lower calves—all common complaints of office workers who spend long hours in front of a screen.

Xiao’s firm movements helped my shoulders unclench and relax quite quickly, and my spine absolutely tingled when she straightened out my lower back. She was so firm in fact, I had to tell her to stop a few times, but that’s usually a sign you’re in good hands. I was surprised also when she started to bend and throw my entire leg up and around, but later learned that this strange maneuver helped loosen up a particular tendon in my leg that was tensing up my calves—which also benefitted from strong squeezes to bring better circulation back into them after long hours of sitting.

The Verdict

A cut above your common no-frills parlour but with none of the chichi fixings of a day spa, the prices are very reasonable for the quality of service, care taken into the surroundings, and convenient location in the heart of Central.

Walking out with my joints feeling a lot looser and more malleable, The Right Spot certainly does what its name suggests: With experienced masseurs that most definitely find the right spot, there’s no question your aches will be relieved after a session here. The only question left then, is how long you’ll want to stay.

Psst… The Right Spot also does tailor-made parties, like bachelorette parties or corporate team building events. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all your enquiries.

Starting Prices

Foot: $320HKD for 50 minutes

Body: $420HKD for 50 minutes

Foot (25 minutes) + Body (50 minutes): $522

5/F, 20 Stanley Street, Central
+852 2341 7768

Article by Evelyn Lok