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Treadmills can be a pain. More so, is the post-exercise agony that hits the morning after, rendering our legs sore and our feet numb at the worst hours of a workday. Thankfully it’s a problem that’ll persist no longer, that is, if you welcome 2XU’s newest innovation to date. Meet 2XU’s Recovery Compression Range, easily your most reliable ally. Wave goodbye to untimely muscle cramps and excessive swelling, and say hello to a new level of muscle durability that you’ve never experienced before.

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A timely recovery is of course crucial to professional sportsmen, but let it be known that it’s no less important to the casual hobbyist. Our favorite Melbourne-based brand brings to you state-of-the-art gear that 2XU says would stabilize muscles and promote blood flow to speed up your restoration. The crown jewel of their collection is their full-length Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights. As 2XU proudly claims, these tights boast of graduated stamping, which are incredible at raising blood flow, removing blood lactate, returning oxygenated blood to our bodies, all the while pushing our recovery rates through the roof. Engineered using PWX 105D fabric, the Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights are easily the best gears for strength training, ball sports, and running.

There’s a lot more to sports than lower body workouts. If you’re prone to the tormenting but surprisingly common tennis elbow, 2XU’s Refresh Recovery Compression Long Sleeve Top may be your best shot. Made out of lightweight but deceptively strong PWX fabrics, the brand claims that this entirely too stretchable material offers as much breathability as it does flexibility. It’s what 2XU recommends for fans of strength training, racquet sports, bat sports, rowing, golf, climbing, and motocross. These benefits aside, the Refresh Recovery Compression Long Sleeve Top is the gear to get even for casual wear, as 2XU says the compression it offers raises our postural awareness and improves our positioning, so it’s all the more aid for that annoying post-work back pain!

The complete Recovery Compression Range also includes the revolutionary Refresh Recovery Compression Tights, a pair of unisex Flex Recovery Arm Sleeves and Leg Sleeves, and some expertly padded Compression Socks for Recovery. Check out the full collection at 2XU’s website below, and don’t forget to update your sportswear wardrobe this 2017!


Men’s and Women’s Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights - HKD$1,250
Men’s and Women’s Refresh Recovery Compression Tights - HKD$1,060
Men’s and Women’s Refresh Recovery Compression Long Sleeve Top - $HKD915
Unisex Flex Recovery Leg Sleeve - HKD$470
Unisex Flex Recovery Arm Sleeve - HKD$390
Men’s and Women’s Compression Socks for Recovery - HKD$390

Website: http://www.2xu.com/us

Written by Vivien Au

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