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Summer is getting closer, have you been more active lately? If you are like me who hates going to the gym and always looking for fun workouts, you have to try Velocity Aquabike Studio in Causeway Bay. I never knew exercise and sweating can look so chic.

The aqua bike studio originally from France will change your view of cardio exercise. There are 26 spa jets installed in the studio but don’t worry - they are all private. The aqua bikes insides of the spa jets deliver a soothing and firm massage during the workout, which helps tone the thighs, calves, and buttocks, while having low impact on the knees and joints. Moreover, a 30-minutes session can burn 300-600 calories. Sounds too ideal? Same! So I went to the studio and try it myself last Friday.


Firstly, I needed to fill out the form about my body condition and exercise habit then led to a changing room by the staff and then I put on my swimming suits. After that, I was led to a private cabin and instructed how to get in the jet. The spa jet is much higher and steeper than I imagined, to be honest, so I was a bit scared but the staff’s instruction was very clear and she made sure that I was comfortable and safe when getting in. When I settled in the jet, my first feeling is “the water is so cold!” but she ensured me that my body will get warmer once I start moving and then here we go, I rode the bike while the Jacuzzi massaged my body. Time really flew in 30 minutes and it’s surprisingly not that hard to finish as I don’t do cardio regularly.  I definitely sweat a lot (make sure you drink enough water) but not that “cannot catch my breath” way. I successfully burnt 482 calories at the end, a little victory for me!


Moving on, I was led to the Japanese sauna room which uses the latest infrared spa technology to heat and warm the body, triggering the body's natural purification process and removing toxins through sweat. The process is so relaxing that I fell asleep during the 30-minute session. As a person who doesn’t sweat a lot, the result is extremely satisfying – I  was soaking wet after 15 minutes in it and I felt so refreshing afterwards, my skin instantly look more healthy and my body feels so light. I went to shower to finish


In conclusion, the whole experience is enjoyable and effective. I had a proper workout but also a body massage or treatment. I highly recommend for those who do not exercise regularly but want to start doing it or people who are exploring fun workout routine. The "aqua bike and Japanese sauna" combination are recommended for the best result but you can do one of them.

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Address: 14F, Oliv, 15-21 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong