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What’s better than fresh made supplements for your busy daily life? The grab-and-go ginger shot will be launched this month - a zingy shot with a fiery kick that boosts immunity, decreases inflammation and alkalizes the body. Already a firm-favourite in Hollywood and beyond, the arrival of grab-and-go ginger shots in Hong Kong is sure to be enthusiastically received by the city.


There will be three members of the pocket sized elixir collection:

•    Classic Ginger is a pleasing blend of ginger, lemon and Manuka honey that can help to beat a wide range of ailments, ranging from the common cold, to delayed onset of muscle soreness post-gym, to morning sickness.

•    Turmeric showcases the super-food ingredient of the moment alongside coconut milk, black pepper and, of course, ginger. The delicious blend can aid digestion and boost skin radiance.

•    Charcoal is a mysterious-looking shot that can soothe and cleanse your body. The inky elixir assists in promptly escorting nasties such as heavy metals, MSG and sulphites (from that extra glass of wine that no one needed) out of the system, and get rid of gases that cause terrible bloating.


Personally, I look forward to trying all of these flavors as they all sounds so delicious and good for our bodies. I used the ginger shots as natural remedy to cure cold before and they work wonder but they’re not easy find in Hong Kong and now I know exactly where they are when I need an extra boost.

Tizzy Shots are available via retail and the dedicated online store at HK$165 for 3 bottles.