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Hong Kong is notoriously fast-paced compared to other major cities, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to take a step back and relax. If your normal yoga and spa routines have left you uninspired, you might want to take a dip at a floating therapy session. We recently did a trial session at Float On HK, one of the first float centers in the city, opening its doors just last year. Aiming for ultimate muscle and mind relaxation, the experience takes place in warm, body-temperature tubs filled with 500kg of epsom salt and magnesium, where you’ll float effortlessly, almost like being in a zero gravity environment. In the words of Modest Mouse, “we’ll all float on okay,” but one visit isn’t going to cut it, if your aim is to shut out the regular buzzing stresses from living in the Big Lychee. Read on for our tips for how to make the most out of your float:

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Concentrate on your breathing

When you’re strapped in for an hour’s session at Float On, it’s not like you can whip out your phone and start scrolling Instagram. Close your eyes and count your deep breaths. Try to not think about your to-do list. Do some meditating. Better yet, visualize your intent and try to will all that stress off your shoulders.

Find your most comfortable position

Those who like sleeping on their sides or bellies might find it uncomfortable to be lying face up the whole time, but unfortunately that's the way it goes (unless you don't like breathing?). You don’t want to keep fidgeting, so find a position that works best and stick to it—be it hands above head, hands at the side, or anything else.

Go to the bathroom beforehand

For obvious reasons.

Try to listen to yourself

Do wear ear plugs (you don’t want water trapped in your ears after having half your head submerged in water for an hour), and with that you can hear your heartbeat and breathing much better. Again, focus on what’s going on in your body.

Try to nap

The rotating colors inside the enclosed float tub changes softly every few seconds: watch them slowly put you to sleep...

Float more than once

During your first float, your body is creating new neurological pathways from the new sensation of feeling like you're suspended without gravity. It'll take time for you to get settle into the feeling and actually get quality relaxation out of it. Second and third floats tend to go much smoother than the first!

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Let water in your eyes

Filled with all that salt, the water stings like no other. Keep it away from your face!

Mentally go through your to-do list

See above.

Think about what you’re doing after

People get too distracted these days: try your best to isolate yourself in the present! You’re in a warm, therapeutic nap cocoon.


Tempted to float? Float On HK is offering a first-time trial price at $388HKD for a 60-minute float. Introductory 60-minute three-float package available for $1350HKD.