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I always need music when I work out. If it is either at the gym or jogging in along Hong Kong harbour I always need to hear some tunes to keep me going and often for my mind to drift away from the exercising and think about something else.

When searching for the right headphones I have come up with a list of key points that I always need to consider when purchasing my next paid. I usually wear headphones for 8 hours a day for work and fitness, so I really need to invest into something that works.

Below is a list of what I look for when purchasing each pair. Do let me know if I missed anything out that you would consider to be important.


  • Ask the shop if they have a sample pair for you to actually test out in your ears for sound and comfort.
  • Avoid hard plastic headphones that have a strap across the back of the neck and this can often tap away when you move. I choose soft rubber back neck straps like the Backbeat FIT 2100.
  • Check the sound, especially on tracks with base to see if there is any distortion.
  • Not to tight - When trying them on, get something that is very comfortable and almost feels like it is not there.
  • Not to loose - On the other hand make sure they are not too loose as most new models are Bluetooth and two single pieces and it can be a pain if one falls out and you lose it.
  • Some headphones can ache after a while when they sit in the ear, so you want to try and avoid forcing them into your ear.
  • If you sweat a lot do look out for the waterproof headphone types so they get damaged less easily.
  • Check how long the power will last as music cutting half way into a work out can really change the exercise mood!
  • Over ear support or not. Some headphones have an over the ear support instead of just putting the piece inside. I find these better especially when moving around.


Hopefully these points make you think a bit more when you purchase your next pair of headphones.


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