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Melo Spa Summer Purity Packages

With its sunny weather, carefree attitude and bright, bare-all wardrobe, summer truly is the season to be seen. Now is the time to flaunt your skin and put your best face forward and what better way to show off your skin than with a rejuvenating a trip to the spa?

Pole Paradise Studio Review

I’ve always been hesitant to try pole dancing as I really don’t see myself spinning on a pole without looking like a fool. I have two left feet, no skill or grace and absolutely no sense of rhythm. Ever since a friend told me I “dance like I have ants in my pants” in a belly-dancing class two years ago, I was scarred. Surely a fat fireman sliding down a pole would look sexier than me.

Valentine's Day at Melo Spa

If you’re still running out of ideas for Valentine’s Day, here's another way to tell her she's fantabulous. Spoil and pamper her at Hyatt Regency's Melo Spa, they're offering two packages for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation that will make her feel special long after the V day.

Pure Fitness New Year Inspiration Pack 2011

How many times have you put down “start exercising” or “lose weight” on your new year’s resolutions list but ended up being 10 pounds overweight by the end of the year?

If a healthier 2011 is what you really want, keep that desire strong throughout the year.

New Balance Introduces True Balance Toning Collection

New Balance True Balance trainers are the latest arrival on the toning shoe scene.  Unlike most bulky looking toning shoes, these look like regular trainers which is a plus as we prefer not to tell the whole world we are in desperate need to tone our glutes.