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Healthy Affair: A Talk with Cinci Leung

Here in Hong Kong, Chinese medicine has always been the go-to for the older generation, but for the younger generations, few actually know or trust it. Chinese medicine is actually a lot less damaging to the body, and even though a little bit slower compared to western medicine, has drastic benefits for the human body while only relying on Chinese herbs and their healing properties! So what exactly is it about? Which is better? We had a little chat with Cinci Leung, founder of EC Clincic to learn more about her story and Chinese medicine.

Summer City Guide: A Day at the Pulse

If you are running out of ideas for the upcoming weekend, here’s one for you! You can actually spend an entire day by the beach doing all sorts of things – start your day with a cup of latte, sweat it out on the sands before a tasty and sinful lunch, get a nice tan under the sun, freshen up yourself at the blow dry bar and get ready for dinner again… All without having to move to a new location... Check out how you can spend your day from morning to night at The Pulse!

Summer 101: Hidden Beaches in Hong Kong


We all love an afternoon in the sun on the beach, but then again so does the rest of Hong Kong. Between finding a spot, fighting the queues and avoiding the tourists groups that comes in bus-loads, the usual popular beaches get pretty tiring. Worry not though, we are way ahead of you and handpicked Hong Kong's best hidden beaches for your benefit, so read on!

Take a Hike: Top 5 Hiking Routes on Hong Kong Island

Whether you are a beginner or regular – there’s always a route for those who likes to hike! With all the hiking routes spread all over Hong Kong, we are about to tell you the Top 5 Routes that might of your interest specifically on the Hong Kong Island side. Nothing too hardcore – most of the routes are suitable for those who rarely exercise (guilty as charged!) So if you are trying to be healthy by summer, read on and start prepping!

Register now for a free H30 trial class!

California Fitness has launched an ultimate program that burns fat faster, and keeps it burning longer, with its new H30 Series. 30 minutes of High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) that works you out and keeps you coming back for more, with different fitness elements in each of the three programs. Spend less time and get more results with the new H30 Series!

H30 Series has 3 programs of: PH30 Purmotion™, featuring Purmotion™ that combines weight-lifting and Eastern martial arts; BH30 Kickboxing, featuring Kickboxing, a classic intense cardio that fits perfectly with HIIT; and DH30 Dynamax Ball, featuring Dynamax medicine ball, which effectively improves coordination of motion and of the mind.

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EPIC MMA Club Anti-gravity Yoga Review

Anti-gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is all the rage now, some calls it the best thing that ever happened, while others see it as nothing more than a fad. We decided to try it out for ourselves and see what the hype is all about, and we’ve chosen none other than EPIC MMA Club, the newly renovated gym in central to test the waters.

Pure Yoga Flagship Studio Opening this summer at Central

Summer’s here, new exercise plans are in mind; but the stuffy weather outside is making the body as lazy as ever. How nice would it be, to be able to get the right level of exercise in an indoor environment where guests are pampered with quality service and exciting programs? Behold, as that will no longer be unrealistic once Pure Yoga open its new flagship studio in Central this summer.

Adidas Performance Collection Sunglasses

Just like the previous and still carrying on trend of owning yourself a SLR camera; biking has come into the spotlight for young sport addicts and hip trend followers. It is the weekend activity that youngsters gather to do, to get out of the city and restore themselves in the limited areas of local nature. Yet, once summer hits and it gets hot; biking is no longer just an easy one off activity but something that you have to prepare for in order for it to work out under the blazing sun.

H&M New Sportswear

Colorful but functional to match the season, H&M published their new sportswear line via their online store, consisting of over 30 pieces of apparels which includes tops to shorts to pants to water bottles. Turquoise and purple reoccurs throughout the collection, contrasting different components within a single item for the wearer to stand sharp within the crowd.  Simplistic but unique, no two items look similar to each other, each having a different appearance with the variations of colors on the pocket seams or waist straps.

An Interview with Flex Studio's Heather Thomas Shalabi

The other week I had the great opportunity to meet the amazing Heather Thomas Shalabi of Flex Studio! Not only did I get to try their new Xtend Barre class, but I also got to ask her a few curious questions of mine. In addition to sharing with us her inspirations and fitness advice, she even gave us a little hint about what's in store for Flex Studio in the future!