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Work It Out: 5 Boutique Gyms in Hong Kong We Love

If you're ready to improve on your strength, flexibility and overall health, there's no time like the present to update your fitness routine. Hong Kong's home to a number of huge gym chains, but it's easy to feel like you're not getting the best of your workout when you're just one of the masses. Try one of these boutique fitness studios for a more personalised workout experience, so you get more burn for your buck.

Fitness Myth Busters: Pilates vs. Yoga

Summer is creeping its way upon us, and we're all treated to an awakening of an urgency to get fit again. If you're not already a gym bunny, then it can get a bit overwhelming trying to find a gym/studio/sport that fits your needs and body. That's why we started this series to bust some myths about common fitness activities! To kickstart this series, we had a chat with Fang from Flex Studio about Pilates.

5 Tricks to Fight the Flu

It’s flu season! With the erratic weather in Hong Kong that just doesn’t seem to make up its mind, it’s hard even for the healthiest of us to keep away from catching the flu. That’s why we found 5 quick and easy ways for you to detox, boost your immune system and be flu-free. Read on!

10 Feelings you get when you start working out

It's mid-January, we've all made our resolutions, and basically about 99% of us wants to "get fit". But whether you're a fitness junkie or a gym newbie, there are feels that we all share... P.S. We've got an offer not to be missed, so scroll on for a little surprise at the end!

Eat your heart out with El Mercado's 500 Calorie Menu

Calorie counting can be tough when you're (still) trying to stick with your new year's resolution. But the good news is, you can actually eat out even on a strict diet. El Mercado, the new nikkei resto in town, has just released a 500 calorie menu that  brings together the best of Peruvian and Japanese ingredients, and is perfect for those who are trying to eat clean following the festive season! Read on and see what's on the menu.

Work it out with Class Cruiser

Getting fit seems to be the theme of 2015, and there has been a lot of new ways to experience the fitness scene in Hong Kong. One of them is Class Cruiser – a service that lets you try the myriad of gyms and fitness studios in the city for just one small monthly fee. No more 24-month contracts or being pestered by personal trainers, maybe this is the way to go? We’ve tried it out and here are the results.

Massage Places in Hong Kong

The unbearable amount of stress in Hong Kong leads to more massage places openings and options. Whether you are looking for a big hotel spa, or a small one located in some random building on the street – for a foot or a full body massage, we’ve got you covered. Read on and relax!

Camping Destinations in Hong Kong

Autumn is here now and there's no better way to spend this short but perfect weather in the great outdoors. So whether you're into actually camping in parks or glamping in caravans and bubble hotels, it's time to get out there! Escape the city for an adventure and enjoy some good vibes with mother nature. Lace up your camping boots and read on!