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AcaiNow is coming to Hong Kong from Brazil


Craving for instagrammable acai bowls? You got lucky today. AcaiNow is now coming to Hong Kong from Brazil. This brand begins selling handmade acai bowls and gains high popularity. They have launched its brand new galaxy acai bowl - Starry Fantasy (HKD $68). Main ingredients include acai, coconut milk, banana, blueberries, guarana, butterfly pea and protein powder. The galaxy is created by acai and butterfly pea. For the toppings, fresh fruits are purchased daily and carefully selected. Nuts and cereals contain unsaturated fatty acid and tons of heart health benefits.

Go with the flow on the rooftop at Ovolo


Soaking up some vitamin C along the stunning southern coastline with a cool breeze and ray of sunshine? No place is better than the rooftop at the designer hotel Ovolo Southside. Both 1 and 8 December, Flow & Nourish in collaboration with Kita Yoga for two consecutive Sundays at ABOVE by Komune. Inviting all yoga lovers to hit set and join a year-end detox before this year is coming to an end.

Coconut Matter launches their all-natural prebiotic deodorants

The Hong Kong eco-friendly and organic lifestyle brand has now launched their new Prebiotic deodorant range at HK$95 each.

These cute little tubes in their biodegradable, easy-glide stick we have been told are all-natural ingredients to prevent unwanted body odour, keeps skin nourished and healthy, they are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from toxic chemicals including aluminium, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, artificial fragrance and other known irritants, Plus we are told they are safe for all skin types.

Editor’s Picks: Best 'Millennial Pink' Sneakers or Trainers

The ballet-inspired Puma’s En Pointe shoes collection is huge success (especially Phenom Satin Lo EP Women's Training Shoes) and it is a big hint that the millennial pink coloured sneakers are the next big thing. Honestly speaking, we cannot resist! The colour is refreshing for spring and summer and it is subtle enough to pair with any casual outfits.

Free Trial of Halo Sport Headphones at Pure Fitness IFC

Halo Sport headphones do not only look handsome but they are the first headset that stimulates the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement. In other words, they can enhance your performance on exercises such as squat, running, cycling…etc

Raise Your Glass to Breast Cancer Awareness Cocktail Week this Month


Pinkster Gin had been launched in Hong Kong not long time ago but already so involved with the society, especially helping to raise awareness of breast cancer. From 12th-26th October, when you enjoy a drink from the specially-created menu at Bitters and Sweets, $30 will be donated to HK Breast Cancer Foundation.  What a win-win activity!

Natural Boost for Your Mind and Body – Tizzy Shots Brings you Grab-and-Go Ginger Shots


What’s better than fresh made supplements for your busy daily life? The grab-and-go ginger shot will be launched this month - a zingy shot with a fiery kick that boosts immunity, decreases inflammation and alkalizes the body. Already a firm-favourite in Hollywood and beyond, the arrival of grab-and-go ginger shots in Hong Kong is sure to be enthusiastically received by the city.

Top Picks for Digital Detox Retreats and Packages


In this digital age, we all know how hard it is to stay away from the screen. This summer, make an effort to disconnect and revitalize with these amazing resorts and packages. The Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand, is a wellness resort built around an ancient Buddhist monk's cave. Providing beginner level to comprehensive detox packages as well as being well-equipped with facilities, it includes a fitness centre, steam cavern and plunge pools.