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Great news, U select has finally opened a new store in Central and just like the rest of their locations they have the latest product range from Tesco.(Tesco is a well known British supermarket chain that also sells their own branded food product range).

So why do I think U select is so special? Here are our top list of why we like U select so much:

  • Great Cheese selection and one of the most reasonable priced.
  • Bottled tonic water instead of buying the mor common cans.
  • Decent household cleaning products.
  • They have a nice selection of British baked products like flapjacks and tarts.
  • Great selection of baking products for those that want to bake at home.
  • Lots and lots of frozen British products in their freezers.
  • A wide variety of herbs and seasoning for home cooking.
  • Attractive priced wines, beers and spirits compared to other supermarkets in the area. In addition they have a fridge too, so you can purchase certain bottled wines already chilled.


So what do you like about U select and what do you usually buy when you visit the store? I have already been there once today and likely to be back each week!


Ground Floor
The L.place
139 Queen's Road, Central
Hong Kong Island


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