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Hunting is not a part of our culture in Hong Kong but you can definitely enjoy a hunting themed meal at Spanish Restaurant Olé, especially if you crave for heartwarming comfort food recently and that’s me all the time basically so I’m thrilled to be invited to try their hunting theme menu earlier this week

As the Spanish hunting season approaches, Olé seizes the opportunity during the special time of the year to introduce their new seasonal menu with 6 rare dishes made with classic ingredients associated with the hunting theme, the 6 rarities include Game Cold Cuts (Tapa $150, Starter $290), Red Deer Hunters Stew ($280), Wild Boar “Civet” Raviolis ($260), Wild Pheasant with Truffle & Oloroso Sauce ($390), Wild Duck “Challandaise” Breast with Sweet Potato, Figs & Port Wine Reduction ($360) and Cannellini Beans & Quail Legs Stew with Pickle Green Chili “Piparras” ($180). The special seasonal menu is nowavailble until February 2018.

Red Deer Hunters Stew ($280)

The meal is beyond satisfying and there’s no dish that I do not like but the Red Deer Hunters Stew and Wild Boar “Civet” Raviolis won my heart. Firstly, the deer meant was soaked in brandy, red wine, herbs and vegetable for a day before being slow-cooked for 3 hours and the texture is very tender like a proper stew should be and the sauce is as hearty as it sounds. Meanwhile, the boar meat was marinated, slow-cooked, seared and stuffed in the raviolis and paired with stir-fried habitas (Spanish baby broad beans), wild mushrooms drizzled in the boar meat sauce which is quite similar with the Red Deer Hunters Stew sauce but creamier and lighter.

Wild Boar “Civet” Raviolis ($260)

It’s my first time to dine at Olé, it’s next door to Fringe Club and I barely noticed the restaurant as the entrance is an understated wine cellar door. Inside, it’s cozy with warm light and cadmium yellow wall that will get you an illusion that you enter a family-run restaurant in Europe, not in Central, Hong Kong. My favourite part is the greenhouse-like dining area where you can sit beside the tall glass windows and absorb all the sunlight but without wind and air pollution.


Address: 1st Floor, Shun Ho Tower, 24-30 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Olé Spanish Restaurant

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