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Each person is subjective in what they believe in, prefer, and find suitable for themselves, same goes for that when it comes to how different people taste beef. In order to know what’s best for your tummy, Shore has decided to conduct a series of debates over beef, bringing in different types of meat from varied locations, consisting of different sections from the cow, done with different cooking techniques to test out those taste buds drooling for quality.


Starting from the 13th of May, all the way to the 1st of June, three different debates each lasting for 5 days will be held for a minimum book of two persons each, evoking conversations between eaters on their own choice of beef.
First debate starting on the 13th will bring forth customers to a choice between taste or tenderness, comparing the fillet, the flank and the flat- iron, each weighing at 8oz. The Alberta West Coast Rib- eye then is brought in for customers to compare with the Ontario East Coast Rib- eye from the 20th to the 25th, where one is grown with Corn feed and the other with barley. Last but not least, a 12 oz battle between the Kobe beef and the Wagyu starts on the 27th, seared in a hot pan for the purest taste.

The debate format initiates anticipation, making it much more special for every single bite we take. Fulfilling not only our appetite, it also picks on the thrill factor of how the food actually contrasts in our mouths. This creative way of discussion on food brings so much fun to the table, not to mention the chance to be informatively noted about what is actually going into our stomach.

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Written by Joyce Tsang

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