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Well, I do like my pistachio nuts and when Pacific Coffee said they have created three drinks with pistachio flavours it did get my attention.

After reading the ingredients of all 3 themed drinks I think I would have to go with the Pink Salt Pistachio Cappuccino. I like the idea of having a bit of salt (especially pink) in the coffee, the nuts and of course the coffee. Not much of a fan of chocolate or peach blossom in my coffee so the Pink Salt Pistachio Cappuccino would be the winner for me.

Below are the official descriptions of each of the three drinks available so you can decide yourself which one you would like to try, or why not all three, you do have until the 5th March so plenty of time!


Pink Salt Pistachio Cappuccino
Freshly brewed espresso, blended with the unique nutty flavours of pistachio and topped with velvety milk foam, steamed milk, pistachio nut powder and a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt–this creamy and frothy drink is a coffee lover’s dream.

Pink Salt Pistachio Chocolate
Classic chocolate with a new twist! A hint of nutty pistachio gives the rich, luscious chocolate a refreshing take. Whipped cream, pistachio nut powder and pink salt on top take the drinks to the next level by giving it a rich layer of tastes and texture.

Peach Blossom Latte
The mildly sweet taste of peach blossom is infused into silky latte with a sprinkle of sweet sand sugar. Adding whipped cream on top makes the drink even creamier. This pink, sweet and dreamy coffee drink will be a new favourite in this festive season!


Tall $42 Grande $46 Alto $50
Available now until the 5th March 2019