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Online Hong Kong Grocer of semi-cooked packs for home cooking called TCA Gourmet has been launched by The Coffee Academïcs.

With dining restrictions and the increase of home dining and delivery, we feel that this was just that natural progression to the current dining environment we are currently experiencing in Hong Kong. The PR says that reheating and cooking just takes a few minutes, which sounds good as well as each semi-cooked food pack will include a recipe card.

The packs are actually prepared in set portions which helps people decide what to order. They are S, M, L, to XL. They correspond to: S = for 1, same day available. M = for couples, 12-24 hours availability. L = for family, 24-48 hours availability. XL = for gathering, 3 days availability.

Promotion Details
- The cut off time is 3pm everyday.  
- Free delivery in Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories for orders over $1000.
- Minimum delivery order is $300. A $50 flat fee is charged for orders between $300-$1000.

Order pickup locations:
- Wan Chai:      G/F, 25 Johnston Road
- Morrison Hill:  G/F, The Morrison, 225 Wan Chai Road
- Taikoo Shing:  G505-508, Ning On Mansion, Phase 5, City Plaza