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If you want to escape from the crowd and enjoy hip-hop music, here’s where you go!

Little Su, previously Studio, has transformed into a mysterious lounge club. It is located in the hectic night club, PLAY club. Little Su is just like a red pandora box. Another world is going on and waiting for you to explore!

Little Su includes traditional Chinese culture and traditional decorating interior, infusing the elements of neon lights, The iconic Chinese sign "紅雙喜" is a photogenic spot for your Instagram game as well as the Little Su neon sign at the bar area.

Su Xiao Xiao is a delightful surprise of the night! If you tried Hong Kong dessert almond sweet soup, Su Xiao Xiao tastes quite similar, made with roasted almonds, rice flour and sweetened milk. Another pick is West Lake if you’re looking for a refreshing drink.




How to go:

Look for a red lamp-bulb once you come up the escalators of PLAY club. Push the wall underneath it, surprise!