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Chicken wings are must for any big parties and gatherings. Empire Wings, an American Fried Chicken Wings in Hong Kong which have just started their online shop. They are featuring 10 homemade styles chicken wings, along with exclusive burgers. In the upcoming Christmas and New Year, Empire Wings will definitely be the best choice for all kinds of parties.

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Empire Wings can provide up to 10 homemade styles of chicken wings to satisfy everyone's craving. Besides the original crispy fried chicken wings, it includes hot and sour flavoured Buffalo chicken wings, Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings with tasty cheese and fresh Garlic; Grilled Smoked Chicken Wings that stimulate savoury; and Devil Spicy Chicken Wings for spicy lovers. Exclusive for Hong Kong people, it added one new flavour: Seafood Black Sesame Chicken Wings. You can definitely enjoy the unique taste of chicken wings even hosting a series of dinner parties and gatherings, which is one of the reasons why Empire Wings is so popular. Empire Wings chicken wings are available with two different servings at $ 70 (6 pieces) and $ 130 (12 pieces).

Empire Wings also offers 3 home-made hamburgers, including Buffalo Burgers ($109), using freshly fried chicken steak with sweet and sour Buffalo sauce; Empire OG ($109) using freshly fried chicken steak with sweet and sour salad, and BQQ Beef burger ($139) with USDA Angus beef.

Empire Wings' current delivery areas are mainly in Wan Chai and Central, allowing customers to taste crispy, call and do chicken wings without leaving home. All chicken wing enthusiasts can enjoy a good choice of party food at Christmas and New Year's parties.

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