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You can say that we are quite spoilt in Hong Kong when it comes to Italian cuisine in Hong Kong, so of course the first thing I do is ask, what is the difference and how is this better?

Well the first thing to note is that the cuisine's focus is actually dishes from the south of the country. So during a nice lunch afternoon we got to try some dishes specific to that region of Italy that I personally had never tried before. We worked our way through an excellent selection of Bruschetta, Octopus Salad, Gnochetti Nerano, Montanarine (is a light pizza made of a thin deep-fried pizza dough with different toppings) and Frittura Mista Napoletana - street foods that include: Potato Croquettes, Arancini (Deep-Fried Risotto balls) and Zeppole (dough balls with seaweed).

So what are the unique highlights that you can enjoy with friends?

  • 10 types of made-to-order individual pizzas.
  • All-Italian ingredients used for great selection of tasty dishes.
  • All pizza dough at Gustaci are naturally leavened for 24 to 36 hours.
  • Great outdoor seating area (and functioning bar) for people to enjoy.
  • Furniture that moves so the space can be used for special events and functions.
  • Ground floor location at the historic PMQ building.
  • An excellent full service bar where guests can come and enjoy a cocktail or two before or after dining.
  • The restaurant will host brunch and afternoon tea service in the near future.
  • Pizza-making classes for both kids and adults are also planned to be on offer later in 2021.


For dessert, we were fortunate to try a Sfogliatella. A very interesting dish that we had not tried before. This is a seashell shaped Neapolitan pastry that is filled with a rich ricotta. Very tasty, being slightly sweet and the pastry was light and fluffy.


We expect great things from this new restaurant in 2021 with the food, beverage, service and of course the very welcoming and comfortable environment.


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Address : 35 Aberdeen Street PMQ, Block B HG01-05 , ,
Telephone : (852)29811418
Website : http://www.gustaci.com/

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