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No one can resist the temptation of ice cream. Ekselence guilt-free low sugar and low-calorie ice cream collection provides you with a non-guilty alternative now. The Ekselence Guilt-Free Collection has only one-third of the calories and sugar of regular ice-cream, but the texture is still as fine and smooth as the other Ekselence flavours, allowing you to indulge yourself in the charm of the frozen dessert, without any negative feelings.

A winter romance collection which included Lavender & Blueberry and Salted Caramel. A swirl of Lavender & Blueberry Guilt-Free Ice-Cream (HK$68/250g). The soft and delicate flavour is only matched by the fact that it is 288 calories per tub. Salted Caramel Guilt-Free Ice-Cream (HK$68/250g), a guilt-free indulgence for those who love caramel, but don’t want the extra calories. This flavour is only 315 calories per tub.

Calling all coconut lovers out there! Ekselence has also made a coconut stick debut (HK$32/75g). The experience of fresh coconut and sweet almonds interweaved together, and the pairing of finely shredded coconut with the silky white chocolate shell. This rich coconut ice-cream brings the exotic, tropical island taste to our urban winter.

Ekselence ice-cream is now available in 60 LOCATIONS, GREAT, TASTE, INTERNATIONAL and PARKnSHOP exclusively.

Last but not least, for Christmas offer, Enjoy a free limited edition of the Ekselence cooler bag upon purchase of HK$188 Ekselence Ice-cream (need to include at least one of the Guilt-free collection)*.