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We all have one or a few friends and families who are slightly harder to gift for many reasons – maybe they’re hard to impress, or they only like very practical presents, or they simply don’t’ want anything at all so we thought out of the box and picked the gifts below that are unique and thoughtful for lovely but picky friends and families.

Because they don’t want to have conversation before a cup of coffee…
1) Nespresso Essenza Mini (HK$988)

This compact and chic looking coffee machine will fit even in a small kitchen without compromise on taste. It will surely make their mornings more bearable and functional. Shop here.


Because they think sweet treats for holiday is overrated and too basic.
2) KiKi Santa Claus Christmas Box set / KiKi Reindeer Christmas Box set ($138)

The Taiwanese brand makes phenomenal noodles so if they’re real foodies or not interested in traditional holiday food, these Christmas box sets are perfect for them! Each box set includes 10 packs of uncooked noodles - Santa Claus box has spring onion and spicy chilli flavour while Reindeer box has spicy vinegar and vinegar flavour. Shop here and here.


Because they’re always on the go and busy but still deserve pampering.
3) Fresh Rice Dry Oil 100ml (HK$450.00)

This body oil is concentrated blend of nourishing, natural oils such as Borage seed oil and Rice bran oil which is known for its rich antioxidants and fatty acids. It provides long-lasting moisture but absorbs quickly on your skin which is exactly what people who have tight schedule need. Find our more here and shop at one of the fresh store.


Because they take their appearance and outfits very seriously.
4) Grand Ikemoto Clothes Brush (HK$309)

It’s probably better not to choose clothing items for them since they have very specific taste that only they will know what they want to have but this brush will make them look even sharper, thanks to the flexible bristles which can effectively remove small dust or pollen while gently care their suits and clothes. Shop here.


Because they’re always on their phone but rarely bother to bring battery with them.
5) iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case (HK$788)

It may not be the best-looking the phone case on earth but it’s super helpful! It provides protection while charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time up to 26 hours, Internet use up to 22 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback. Bye, bulky batteries. Shop here.


Because they travel a lot but do not enjoy the airport.
6) Priority Pass Membership (around HK$1992 or HK$ 3192)

With this pass, they can access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide no matter what class tickets they buy so they can refresh, rest, eat and drink before or after taking flights and it will definitely make their journals more enjoyable. Find out more about the membership plan and join the membership here.


Because they’re extra and love glamorous things…
7) RABLABS Lumino Gilded Coasters (HK$1,367.99)

It came from my personal experience but my fabulous friend absolutely adore this coaster sets that I gave him for birthday. They are made from slices of natural agate are finished with 24k gold-plated detailing along the edges, talking about low-key glamorous. The best part? They look more expensive than they cost. Shop here.


Because they have a heart of gold and like to help people in need…
8) Donation Under Their Name (Priceless)

Not all the people are materialistic and they may actually want to use the money to help other people in need. If you’re lucky enough to have these generous people in your life, donate under their names is a thoughtful gift. Choose the charities that they’ve involved or look at some of our suggestions below.
Medecins Sans Frontieres:
Local charities need support too! You can also look for small charitiesin Hong Kong  that are worth supporting on Wise Giving.