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Deliveroo has now added the following contact-free delivery option to their Hong Kong app, so the rider will now place the food at your door instead of into your hands. For those that are concerned about contact directly with another person for whatever reason, at least you can now choose this option when ordering.

This is how contact-free delivery works as stated by Deliveroo:

- Select the new ‘contact-free delivery’ feature at checkout - this message will go to your rider so they know to leave the food at your door
- At this point you will be asked to add additional delivery instructions so your rider knows where to leave your food
- You’ll receive a notification when your rider is nearby, reminding you that you have requested contact-free delivery
- When your rider arrives they will place your order on the ground outside your door
- Your rider will step back at least 1 metre and wait nearby for you to collect it

Your rider will also have the ability to choose to make an order contact-free if they wish and will contact you through the app if they do.

To get the app visit the following website by clicking HERE.

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