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During Chinese New Year I must admit I do get overwhelmed as there are so many gift choices available in Hong Kong. It was a delight to see what Paul Lafayet had created this year and besides their cakes and hampers, the candy box was what I really wanted to open and explore.

With 3 layers, this candy box is something that I would take to any CNY gathering with friends or relatives as it is quite impressive! The top layer contains deliciously big macaroons followed by a selection of chocolates and nougat on the second layer. The bottom and third layer contains a lovely year of the Ox themed plate that you can use to eat the sweets or display in your home (it comes with a stand). It also comes with some red pockets that you can use over the festive holiday.



The price of this candy gift box is only HK$688 and if you would like to purchase one you can do so below.



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