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Craving for instagrammable acai bowls? You got lucky today. AcaiNow is now coming to Hong Kong from Brazil. This brand begins selling handmade acai bowls and gains high popularity. They have launched its brand new galaxy acai bowl - Starry Fantasy (HKD $68). Main ingredients include acai, coconut milk, banana, blueberries, guarana, butterfly pea and protein powder. The galaxy is created by acai and butterfly pea. For the toppings, fresh fruits are purchased daily and carefully selected. Nuts and cereals contain unsaturated fatty acid and tons of heart health benefits.


A little background information of acai bowl. It is made from two kinds of superfood-acai and guarana. The fruits are picked, freeze-dried and powdered in Brazil then shipped to Hong Kong. Acai is currently recognized by the medical profession as the healthiest fruit and listed among the top ten world superfood. So it's time for you to get some refreshment!

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