Hong Kong Food News & Reviews


Hong Kong is one of the best places on earth to eat, with thousands of restaurants, stalls, and diners serving delicious specialties. Don’t miss these dishes in HK!

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, you should start making room in your stomach now! There are many delicious things to eat and drink in HK, and locals think that their city can boast the best food on earth

The next time you travel to Hong Kong, make sure that you sample all of these delicious dishes – and be sure to save room for dessert!

Hong Kong Style French Toast (Sai Dou See)

You might think that French Toast is, well, French (or at the very least, American), but Hong Kong has its own version of the diner classic. Sai Dou See is particularly popular for afternoon tea. If you order this delicious snack, you will be treated to a generous serving of deep fried bread served with peanut butter, butter, and syrup. 


Roast Meat Rice Box

If you see a Hongkonger munching away on a boxed meal at lunch, dinner, or late at night, here is a good chance that they are enjoying a Roast Meat Rice Box. Think of this as Hong Kong’s favourite fast food – like the HK answer to fish ‘n chips!

A delicious combination of meats is served with perfectly steamed rice. Some of the most popular meats to choose from include char siu (sweet roast pork), see yau guy (soy sauce braised chicken), or siu aap (roasted duck with plum sauce) – you usually choose 2.



Snake Soup (Sei Gun)

They say you are what you eat, but we promise that you won’t become a slithering creature after eating a bowl of snake soup! This Cantonese dish has become a big favourite in HK, and is served in ‘mom and pop’ specialty snake restaurants that look like they are straight out of the 1960s. The thick soup includes chicken and snake, mixed with fungus and herbs and ladled over with a pork broth.


Ginger Beef Tripe (Ngou Pat Yeep)

We could include dozens of different Dim Sum dishes on this list, but let’s go for a real classic – Ngou Pat Yeep. This is ginger steamed beef tripe that is becoming harder to find at restaurants, which makes it all the more delicious and special when you can find it done right.


Steamed Custard Bun (Lau Sa Bao)

Lau Sa Bao is a relatively recent addition to the Hong Kong culinary scene – a modern addition to the Dim Sum menu that caused a huge storm when it was introduced a few years ago. It is a perfectly steamed bun with a centre of liquid custard (including salted duck egg). Sweet, salty, doughy, and creamy. Delicious!



 Beef Brisket Noodles (Ngau Lam Meen)

The Chinese kitchen is known for its wide array of delicious soups, but when you are in Hong Kong you must try the beef brisket noodles. The beef is soft and melt in-your-mouth tender, and the broth is unctuous and rich, full of fresh herbs and spices. 

In a traditional noodle shop, the beefy broth is never discarded. Instead, the chefs just add more and more ingredients to the pot, and the resulting broth becomes more and more delicious. Try some of these restaurants for the best ngau lam meen in HK. 


Hong Kong Style Chicken Curry (Ga Lay Guy)

You simply can’t visit HK without sampling its famous chicken curry, Ga Lay Guy. It’s available at countless stalls and diners, and is always a solid choice for lunch or dinner. Enjoy chicken curry with rice, or with a side of fish balls simmered in the same curry sauce.



Bubblewrap Waffles (Gai Daan Zai)

You can't check out Instagram without seeing hipsters all over the world munching on a bubblewrap waffle. However, people in HK have been enjoying bubblewrap waffles for decades! This eggy waffle is filled with ice cream, and the small balls are stuffed with fillings like chocolate, caramel, fruits, and red bean paste.


Hong Kong Egg Tarts (Daan Tat)

We simply can’t write this list without finishing it off with a Hong Kong Egg Tart, also known as a Daan Tat. Inspired by the Portuguese pastel de nata in nearby Macau, this is an egg tart with a silky custard texture, and either a flaky puff or shortbread shell. Try to get them when they’re fresh from the oven! 


Hong Kong is a foodie city

No matter what you eat in Hong Kong, you can rest assured that it will be delicious. Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the best foodie cities on earth!