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Creative Dim Sum worth tasting at Hung Tong, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong


Reinventing traditional dim sum dishes and creating completely new ones in different forms has been a popular development in Hong Kong over the last 5+ years. Especially with the fast development of social media, there are so many equally attractive and tasty dishes out there now expanding a person's dining experience. Not just there in person and with friends, but also online with others.

Shangri-La launch 'Baked' pop-up store at Kowloon Shangri-La, Tsim Sha Tsui


I do not know if it is just my observation, but since the end of 2020 and now at the beginning of 2021 there seems to be quite a surge in bakeries opening around Hong Kong. Even near my home there has been two new bakeries just within one minute walking distance. I am not talking about your local bakeries, but more diverse and unique baked goods that are only available at that specific bakery chain/ brand.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the Paul Lafayet Candy Box


During Chinese New Year I must admit I do get overwhelmed as there are so many gift choices available in Hong Kong. It was a delight to see what Paul Lafayet had created this year and besides their cakes and hampers, the candy box was what I really wanted to open and explore.

Our Idea for the Central Market, what will it be?


So back some time ago when the government was asking for ideas for the Central Market and I made my submission idea concept for a multi-functional entertainment venue for all to book with built in sound and lighting and flexible staging. The location and the size would be perfect for a lot of public events of that size and being an event organiser at Entertaining Asia myself, of course I am going to wish for more unique locations to host different events in the city.

The King’s Cake now at agnès b. CAFÉ for the New Year

This French cake is made with flaky pastry and a variety of tasty fillings, plus you get an agnès b. paper crown of course! Price is HK$390 and you can purchase it online or at it stores. Never tried it myself, but when I read that the filling has chocolate and walnut, that does make me curious into how it tastes. Maybe someone will buy me one to try this year!

Go and try the Honbo and CRFT Pit collab at BaseHall


What has been popular in the food and beverage industry in Hong Kong at the end of 2020? I would say that one of the things is smoked meats and we now have a new collab to announce with Honbo and CRFT Pit.

The burger concept (Honbo) is partnering with the artisan smokehouse (CRFT Pit) offering customers of Basehall some tasty looking American BBQ...

Buy Charbonnel et Walker delights now available in Hong Kong

If you are looking for something to treat yourself this festive season, then look no further.

Charbonnel et Walker’s Christmas collection is now available in Hong Kong at The Landmark Christmas Market (Shop 312-314, 3/F., Landmark Atrium, The Landmark, Central) and from the 4th November, or you can visit its online shop at www.charbonnel.com.hk.