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Swatch always surprises us with innovatively designed watches and bold graphics; which is exactly what they did again for 2014’s Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day special edition collection. The candy cane like SWEET VALENTINE (SUOZ168) and modernized calligraphy print Year of the Horse model is aesthetically pleasing and very eye catching from its simple use of palette and strong print.



With an optically constructed heart shape in the middle of the watch face; the Sweet Valentine watch made with solid mat white plastic and solid white silicone for the wrist band is playfully packed in a merry- go- round theme tin can, also in red and white with details of blue.

As for the Year of the Horse, the design takes inspiration from a mythical horse which was said to have wings and was found in Eurasia. Standing 3 meters tall with a particularly strong body, sharp mane and vivid voice; he became the icon for wishing other people well with a healthy body in Chinese tradition. And so, Swatch and reconstructed the horse imagery on the watch with a calligraphy style, giving the modern watch a swift of authentic Chinese vibe.

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Written by Joyce Tsang

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