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To celebrate 25th anniversary of Ralph Lauren Purple Label, the brand makes its most ironic collections with reimagining each for Fall 2020 as a new expression of the pinnacle of style imprecably crafted from Italian fabrics with a dedication to the finest details that have been the spotlight of the brand since its founding. This new collections has marked by a reissued capsule of tailored looks from the 90s inspired by Mr.Lauren's personal suitings and his love of sartorial English tailoring. Most of the pieces feature his signature suit silhouette. And the new suits are recreated in the original English fabrics and patterns with handpicked and styled by Mr Lauren which he would wear exactly the same.

And the evening wear offers to transform the tuxedo into an array of silhouettes from the Ralph Lauren archive to a new take on the white tie tailcoat of the 1920s and 30s.

Sportswear for this fall collection blends with tailoring in a rich palette of charcoal, brown, navy and olive. Each rendered in supple suedes, velvets and exotic leathers to mix with the weight of Italian wool and super-soft cashmere.

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