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It's basically a universal truth that flip-flops are the most comfortable out of all footwear in human history. Sadly on too many occasions, we have to make the painful choice of slipping into chaffing flats just because your worn sandals don't match up with your favourite summer dress.

Pagoda is going to change this by using plush velvet on their flip flops, making them fashionable enough to be worn outside of the usual beach setting. Richard Oliver, the brand's founder works arduously with his team to ensure these velvet slippers feels good on your feet. With a soft-to-touch layer of velvet on top, rubber soles for steady stride at the bottom, and soft EVA midsoles that mould to your foot pattern in between, Pagoda's velvet flip flops could easily be some of the comfiest you've ever tried.

Look good in that summer dress without torturing your feet. Order a pair now (they ship freely within Asia as well!) so that your feet can enjoy their happily ever after this Summer.

All Pagodas Flip Flops are priced at HK$250 and can be shipped within Hong Kong and internationally. Free shipping within Asia, and a flat rate delivery rate of HK$50 for other places around the world.



Written by Sharon Yeung