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Your favourite notebook brand is now invading the rest of your bag! Moleskine fanatics alike will know that their leather is pretty damn amazing, so why stop at stationery? Check out the new bag & wallet collection under the cut.

The brand new collection of bags and wallets uses 100% genuine buttery leather, and is designed by Italian designer Vittorio Venezia. Moleskine already have two existing collections of bags, namely Classic and myCloud, but the Lineage collection got an upgrade when it comes to practicality and design - think water repellent leather, padded packets, and magnetic flaps. They're also more unisex compared to the existing designs.


The bags may be geared more towards the masculine audience, but we think that the wallets are a great choice for the minimalists!


Bags start at $1698HKD and wallets start at $598HKD.

The Lineage Collection bags and wallets are available at Moleskine stores in Hong Kong. You can also check out their collections and more on Moleskine's website.

Written by Karen Chiang