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It’s no longer just a dream when we talk about roaming in space; astronauts have set foot on the land and movies have been made about it. As we slowly reveal the true face of space, enjoy the fantasy with Luminox SXC GMT Space Series Watches, created in hands with Space Expedition Corporation.

The first and exclusive design which is appropriate for wearing in Space and on Earth, the collection uses Luminox Light Technology and is made in Switzerland with perfect quality to be worn with or without gravity.


In a place that is not defined by light or shine when it comes to time; the quality SXC Luminox watches can withstand vacuums, temperature changes and radiations by displaying the time with their GMT arrow. It also has light tubes that run on the minute and the second signifiers, so even in pitch dark the time can be told. The watch also has an increase of 30% carbon fiber which makes the time keeper lighter and stronger. Texture is given to the shell of the watch, resembling the roughness of meteor asteroids so the theme of space is kept even in its appearance. Waterproof at a depth of 200m with a date display on the watch face; this essential is perfect as a gift or self-wear for sport activists and travel lovers.





Written by Joyce Tsang

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