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Are you still looking for a present for your valentine or friends and families as a token of appreciation? Pop up boutique Love Story on Hollywood Road got you covered and we are very excited to announce our giveaway!

Air Vapormax Plus TN

Minimalist jewellery brand Kookii B gathered designer brands from Hong Kong and worldwide to offer a selection of unique gifts for you and your loved ones such as jewellery, fashion & fitness apparel, organic skincare, whisky gifts & tech accessories for men.
As a perfect gift shop should be, Love Story also provides a gift wrapping service. For one-of-a-kind presents, don’t overlook Kookii B’s engraving service on jewellery pieces so you can opt for initials, names, and heartwarming or cheeky quotes to add a personal touch.


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The pop up boutique has extended their opening until 6th March 2018 due to its popularity.
You can win a Josie engraved bar necklace by Kookii B (image on top) by answering a question here by 1st March. Good luck!