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Blow nature a kiss this summer with 45r’s Gardening Work theme series of European styled work clothes! Including items such as printed tees, aprons, blankets, cushions and other casual clothing; the vibe of summer immediately turns breezy upon looking at their products, let alone wearing them out on a hot blazing day.



Appreciating the ku.Ra.si lifestyle which reminds one the enjoyment from experiences of gardening; try neglecting those beads of sweet and feel the sensation such style brings.

Apart from the one off apparels, there’s also the relaxed apron cuts matched with KuRasi tee and tote bags, which are all inspired by images of the garden including prints of birds and flowers. Made with textures similar to canvases, the whole collection is bonded closely with its theme whether in choice of palette on its touch on the skin.



7 Star Street, Wan Chai



Written by Joyce Tsang

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