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H&M is basically one of our go-tos for anything fashion because it's so affordable, trendy and easy to wear. But don't think for a second that they're all about faux inspired pieces or shabby basics, because they're always collaborating with celebrated designers to come up with their very own capsule collection (ahem, like Balmain x H&M in November.) But before that, check out H&M Design Award winner Ximon Lee's unisex collection that oozes form and structure.


This is an eight-piece collection with pieces that can be rocked by both the ladies and gents. We love the oversized silhouettes and the mix of heavy textures like denim and foam and chunky zips with lighter and form-fitting options like leggings. The pleated pants are also very flattering and can easily transit from early fall to cooler weather. 

These pieces will be available at the Causeway Bay flagship store on October 30th, which is the same day as their grand opening. Race you there!

Written by Karen Chiang

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