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We are almost halfway to the big holidays of the year. This year, Gucci hopes to surprise you up with their new G-Timeless automatic collection with the new addition of two new 40mm timepieces. Both models have bracelets and cases crafted in stainless steel, but whilst one has a black guilloche pattern on the dial, the other has one in white guilloche. Chic and elegant, these two watches might be one of the best gifts ever for you beloved one.

These two masterpieces combined with an automatic movement, with swiss craftsmanship which can be seen through a transparent case back. They are both water-resistant to 50m and are finished with a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

Another jewellery collection for this holiday, the most defining symbols, The lion head. Three interpretations of the feline motif, featuring different gemstones, appear both as stud earrings and pendant necklaces within the line. The three designs with vibrant shades of colours radiate with the season's festive ambience. This design is worked in 18kt gold and encrusted with diamonds. A sparkling aquamarine stone is held within the lion's teeth. The blue color of aquamarine is thought to be calming and cleansing. It is considered to be the birthstone ofr those who born in March.



A second version of the Lion Head is crafted in 18kt yellow gold. It has diamond-set eyes and an amethyst clutched between its teeth. The birthstone of February, amethyst is meditative, soothing, and its violet color is believed to promote balance and peace.

Another 18kt yellow gold Lion Head completes the collection. This design also has diamond-set eyes, but features a chromo diopside gemstone in its mouth. The deep forest green tone of the distinctive jewel is said to be restorative, and capable of healing a damaged heart. Exuding irresistible charm, these new pieces are meant to capture the spotlight and become the holiday’s favourites.

Avaliable at all GUCCI stores.

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