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With the advancement in art and in culture; precious works of art are no longer just approachable by those who are experts in the field. Now, the general public can also get a close glimpse of masterpieces which are delicately replicated with the original’s size, color, brightness and texture. In hands with Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam; Acestar Concept Limited has executed an all new exhibition of the Van Gogh RELIEVO™ Collection and Van Gogh Timepieces from now until the 27th of April, 2014 at Oriental Watch Company, Central.




With top- quality replicas of Van Gogh’s famous The Harvest, 1888, Boulevard de Clichy, 1887 and Wheatfield under thunderclouds, 1890; the brand is also paying homage to the artist’s 160th anniversary with a new collection of Diamond and Chronograph series watches. Accompanying the pre- order available replication of the paintings are not only the watches introduced last year including Sunflowers, Almond Blossom and the Self- Portrait but also two new quartz series of the Harvest and Boulevard de Clichy.

Adorned with diamonds and a fine leather strap; each watch is hand made in Swiss to ensure and relate its quality with the uniqueness and perfection with Van Gogh’s paintings.
The women’s diamond series each contain 114 diamonds, where 51 of those are set as the hour markers on the watch face, which is given a mother- of- pearl dial. With alligator straps available in colors of white, lilac, aqua and navy; the back case of the watch Is semi- transparent for a neat detail touch.

As for men; the chronograph series are given 3 sub dials for minutes, seconds and 1/10 of seconds for utmost accuracy in time telling. The bottom of the face where 6 o’clock stands is decorated with a Van Gogh painting; with this watch also adorned with a mother- of- pearl dial. Given a genuine French leather strap along a bezel in 316L stainless steel, rose gold- plate and gold- plate; the watches are doubtlessly prestigious and perfect to match with the paintings and your daily outings.

Van Gogh RELIEVO™ Collection and Van Gogh Timepieces Exhibition

1st March 2014- 27th April 2014
Oriental Watch Company, 100 Queen’s Road, Central


Written by Joyce Tsang