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Are the traditional gift ideas of flowers, chocolates, and cards too mainstream for you? Change things up with Salad's 2017 Beloved Collection.

The brand, well-known for their stylish and high-quality leather handbags, has come out with a Valentine's Day collection of sharp black and white purses matched with sophisticated gold chains and embellishments.

The iconic red love heart made out of supreme leather is the signature to this collection. The brilliant red makes the whole collection very eye-catching while giving the pieces a refined touch of femininity. What's more, the heart is also a practical hand-sized mirror, adding practicality to the equation.

Hesitating because you might get tired of the heart design? Salad has thought things through, making it detachable. You can remove this centrepiece anytime and have a sensible wallet to last you all year round.

Drop by any Salad boutiques and get your hands on one of these lovely purses now.


Beloved Leather Long Wallet $985/each

Beloved Leather Wallet $850/each

Beloved Heart Leather Coin Case $465/each

Beloved Leather Wallet $595/each


Shop 3-5, Level 5, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
+852 3514 4331
Opening Hour : 11:30-23:00

Written by Sharon Yeung