GO SMILEY ® Exhibition at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre

Summer is all about going out and having fun; but in such a rushed city, people seem to have forgotten about the importance of taking a break. To remind the public to take it easy this summer; Hysan Place and Lee Theatre welcomes the world’s happiest brand GO SMILEY ® in town with their mega size installation that will definitely send an uplifting vibe to the community. 

“The Tank Man and the Changing Art and Craft of Photojournalism” Exhibition

4th of June marks a day of mourn, memorial and reminder in all of our hearts. With what appears to be a closing window for the publications of such sensitive and political events; Hong Kong University daringly chose to display one of the most dictating and influential images taken during the Tiananmen Square event in 1989 at University Museum and Art Gallery throughout the whole month of June, 2014.

Pearl Lam Design at Design Miami/ Basel 2014

Returning with a magnificent collection of works by international designers whom have incorporated local Chinese craft ideas through their travel to China; this 2014, Pearl Lam Design is presenting a whole wide range of arts that intricately blends dialogue between China and the West.

No Other Future But the Future Exhibition by Aurèle at 1881 Heritage

In hands with 1881 Heritage, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau and Avenue des Arts Gallery; 2 giant dog sculptures measuring at 2.9 meters to 3.8 meters tall are now being exhibited at the mall’s grand piazza for public visit until the 31st of August.