5 Significant Artists You Won't Want to Miss in the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017

In the blink of an eye, this is already the tenth edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Located in Conrad Hong Kong, the exhibition invites over 80 galleries from around the world to display their art collection within the hotel rooms spanning over three floors, creating this innovative art-viewing experience. It could be overwhelming surrounded by so many beautiful artworks, so here are five artists that you should keep in mind as you explore around.

It's Never a Shoebox Design! See the Best of HK and China's Architecture at PMQ's 10x100 Exhibition

As cities grow increasingly dense, developments continue to take place in the most hidden corners of Hong Kong. Narrow slits between skyscrapers, a distant patch of land the MTR doesn’t reach, a subtle addition and alteration that no one knows has happened until months after construction. Here is to our city’s most underappreciated creative minds, that literally design the world we live in from the ground up.


usagi Sets Foot in Hong Kong with "WHITE" Exhibition

usagi, a “lifestyle gallery space” concept from Japan, sets foot on Hollywood Road, with a “WHITE” exhibition.  Located in the popular Central art-gallery district, this space will bring us a new, contemporary lifestyle vision. Read on to check out what's in store!

Larry Bell Light and Red at White Cube Hong Kong

Frozen gracefully like a translucent spiral of the wind made tangible by magic; works by Larry Bell experiments with not only the concept of materiality, but also the ideas of light, surfaces and environments.

GO SMILEY ® Exhibition at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre

Summer is all about going out and having fun; but in such a rushed city, people seem to have forgotten about the importance of taking a break. To remind the public to take it easy this summer; Hysan Place and Lee Theatre welcomes the world’s happiest brand GO SMILEY ® in town with their mega size installation that will definitely send an uplifting vibe to the community.

Artist-curated Exhibition /sic sic/ at Mur Nomade

Curated by Vivian Poon and Tsang Chui-mei; the sic sic exhibition at Mur Nomade has been extended to the 9th August, 2014 with not only additional artworks on display, but also a poetry reading session by Claire Lee on 12th July, 2014.