Top 6 Art Central 2016 Highlights & Must-sees

It's time to break out the black turtlenecks and Instagram hashtags: art week has officially arrived in Hong Kong. Art Central kicks off this Monday for the public (tip: it's in those big white tents on the Waterfront) and if you haven't snagged your tickets, there's still time to do so. There's over a whopping 100 galleries from all over the world showcasing and here's a few highlights & must-sees.

Free Entry & New Prices for The AIA Great European Carnival 2016

The AIA Great European Festival 2016 is at its final weeks and will be having their last day on the 21st February. If you still haven’t made your visit yet, now’s your chance! Starting from 11th onwards, most of the rides have had a cut in prices, and it will be free entry for all every day until the end.

Shows you need to catch on Netflix Hong Kong

Put the proxies away everyone, Netflix has finally come to Hong Kong. We’ve put together a little guide to some of the best shows to chill with, from laugh out loud comedy to edge-of-your-seat action. While the selection’s a little limited at the moment and a few big players are missing - seriously, where’s House of Cards?there’s lots worth binge watching.

10 films to watch: A tribute to Alan Rickman

To the younger ones, Alan Rickman was the unforgettable Snape in the famous Harry Potter film series. But the man who battled with cancer has lived 69 years and has achieved so much more beyond the series in his life both on stage and the silver screen. In honour and tribute of the fantastic and unforgettable actor, we've whipped up a starter pack of ten films to watch, featuring none other than the man himself.

Russell Peters to Make First Macau Appearance at Studio City

After his two sell out shows in 2013 and his Almost Famous world tour last year in February, our favourite comedian/actor, Russell Peter is set to make his first Macau appearance at Studio City on 26th February! Be a man, do the right thing and read on for all the details.