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It’s human nature to want everything at our disposal. That’s the case with eye-shadows, especially eye-shadows. It's the festive season and we can never find quite enough colors to work with. But that's a problem Urban Decay's Full Spectrum Eye-shadow Palette can fix.

Featuring 21 gorgeous shades, the Full Spectrum Eye-shadow Palette has everything from the most vibrant of brights to the most daring of mattes. The palette is a careful selection of 18 new shades, 3 exclusives from past palettes, and a generous variety of finishes to keep your creativity flowing. This rainbow-like collection sticks closely to the rules of color coordination, featuring pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and our favorite monochromatic whites and blacks.

In cosmetics speak, this sleek black case carries bold colors like Midnight Blaze (a most wondrous pearly black), Calavera (a richly pigmented yellow), Faded (a most out of this world lavender that’ll pop right out of the canvas), and Iced (a sparkly silver for our most daring cosmetic fanatics). It also has a huge mirror and a double-ended brush to go with, so you can fix your look wherever and whenever.

It’s a magical world of chemistry, but Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System will keep you covered. Their curated blend of ingredients is what the brand is counting on to keep their shades velvety in texture, rich in color, and powerful in blend-ability. Check out the Full Spectrum Eye-shadow Palette at Urban Decay stores now so you have all options to work with this Chinese New Year!


Full Spectrum Eye-shadow Palette, Urban Decay
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Written by Vivien Au