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You know what the folks say, there is no quick way to lose those inches. But when I was offered to try it out, I took up the chance right away. I mean, it couldn’t hurt right? (It did.) Plus if it worked, it would save me a lot of time slaving away on my yoga mat…

There are plenty of shortcuts and treatments offered in town by beauty companies big and small, as well as nutrition plans, personal training and boot camps. The difference with Nude Beautique’s treatment is that it doesn’t boast to help you “lose weight”. It merely helps you tone up and enhance your exercising efforts, PLUS smooth down those cellulite.

What is it?

Nude Beautiuqe is known for their waxing treatments, but little did I know, they’ve been doing the VelaShape and VelaSmooth Pro treatments for a while too. The treatment is non-invasive, but it can help shrink fat cells, target cellulites and help you get smoother, firmer skin with zero downtime. It uses the combination of bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage to get everything done in a short time.

The Experience

Before the treatment began, I had to sign a basic and routine agreement while the therapist briefed much about the process and how it would probably feel. We decided to focus on my tummy where results would be more apparent after one session.

Cooling gel was smothered over my skin, and then it began. It’s the strangest sensation when it first began, but soon I was getting used to the pinching and the warm temperature. Basically, the hand-held part of the machine has a rotating part that pinches your fat/muscle, a part that heats up, and a part that vacuums up your fat/muscle. Together, it basically feels like someone is pinching and rolling your fats with warm hands. It’s not so much painful as it is sore from getting a very-deep tissue massage.

My therapist went over my tummy with the machine several times and in sections, following the muscle groups so to sculpt area. In just over 30 minutes, the treatment was over. I’ll save you from the before and after photo, but in truth, I felt the area was smoother, firmer and ever-so-slightly flatter.

Of course, as you would expect, these treatments take more than just one trial to have visible and lasting effects. An average recommended package would have 10-12 treatments, and once you’re satisfied with your results, you can go back once in a month or so to keep yourself in shape. And like any other slimming treatments, this can’t aid you in losing 20 pounds in a flash. It has to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercising for best results.

The Deal

Want to try it for yourself? Nude Beautique is now helping you get into shape with their summer offer: only $300HKD for your first trial, and you’ll get 3 free sessions when you buy 10. Promotion expires at the end of this month!

If anything, I definitely think it’s something you should try that helps prolong fat burn, promotes blood circulation and firms up your muscles. Wanna know more? Read up at Nude Beautique's website here.

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Written by Karen Chiang