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Facial treatments in Hong Kong are a dime a dozen. You can get your dose from the big chains, the independent salons, or even home-run beauty parlors by beauticians who got out of the system and started their own gigs. Functions and ingredients would probably make any ordinary person dizzy, but this one we tried was something completely different. Read on about our curious experience below!

What is it?

Skin Laundry, as you may have seen it around town before, is a ten minute cleansing facial treatment that's taken Hollywood by storm (e.g. Bryanboy, susiebubble, Rumi Neely) . It uses laser and light to “clean” your skin, and supposedly rid it of dirt, sebum and bacteria, all within the length of two songs.

The YAG laser, quite similar to the ones you use for laser hair removal, kind of zaps the bad stuff off your skin, leaving your skin fresher and cleaner. The coloured light treatment (IPL) will then brighten and even your skin tone, as well as stimulate collagen under the skin.

The experience

It almost sounds too good to be true… Right? When I walked into Skin Laundry’s Central branch, I was welcomed into a cosy sitting area where I filled out a form (sorry moms-to-be and peeps who are sun-burnt, this isn’t for you!) and chilled on the sofa waiting for the treatment to begin.

The first thing was for me to clean my face with their wipes. “No need to take off your eye makeup,” she said. Super convenient, plus point for you Skin Laundry!

After being led into one of their white, bright and slightly lab-esque treatment rooms, I lied down on the clinical bed and listened to my friendly therapist explaining to me about the procedure. She mentioned something about tingling pains, then strapped on my goggles.

"It’s genuinely not as horrific as it sounds though."

My face got cleaned one more time, and I was already holding my breath and fists, waiting for the zap to come. Luckily, my therapist was very experienced and counted down before she began so I could anticipate. She also did a little zap for me to get used to the sensation.

The laser part was actually quite painful, I’d say kind of similar to getting lightly scraped with needles. It’s genuinely not as horrific as it sounds though. It gets slightly more unbearable as the strokes get longer, but honestly, it was over in about 1 minute. Then you’ll have to endure through a second round. I was warned that it’ll be normal to notice a burning smell as the dirt burnt off, but again, nothing pungent enough to make you feel irked.

After the relatively most difficult part was over, it was time for the IPL light treatment after an application of cooling gel. You could get a peek of different coloured lights from within your goggles, but otherwise, you feel nothing. They finished it off with some soothing toner and moisturizer.

And that was it! Briefing, cleansing, explaining, plus the treatment done in under 15 minutes.

"I really couldn’t notice any difference."


I know you’d blame me if I didn’t have any before and after photos, but at least from my iPhone front camera, I really couldn’t notice any difference. My skin did feel tighter (check), cleaner (check), and softer (check) though. You are advised to definitely put on a face mask that night, and to not go into steams/saunas for the day.

I’m lucky to not be troubled by acne, but I can imagine this being really useful to people who just can’t seem to find anything that works. This also tighten pores and even out skin tones, which I think would be fantastic if your skin need some help with anti-aging.

Overall – I recommend this to someone who has trouble with their skin, especially acne, because it’ll probably clean your skin up faster and better than most products would. But mind you, this isn’t some one-time magical treatment, so be prepared to go back once a week or so!

Room 1201, 12/F, Century Square, 1-13 D'Aguilar Street, Central
+852 2704 0166

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Written by Karen Chiang

Image credit
Top photo via Instagram by Susie Lau / Bryanboy

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