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Many of you may know about John Master Organics by its hair products and so did I but it’s the skincare products that made me fell in love with the brand. Here are my honest review of the brand’s skincare products that I have tried so far.

Calendula Hydrating and Toning Mask
I never really like cream mask as I don’t feel they do much to my skin but this mask rescued me from the brutal dryness this winter. It’s recommended to be used in face for 20 mins but I usually leave it on much longer than that while I was doing other stuff and it doesn’t affect the outcome at all. When I wash it off, my skin feels unbelievable soft and hydrated.

Key ingredients:
Calendula - antiseptic; antibacterial; healing properties
Shea butter - hydrating
Rice - softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles
Aloe vera gel - anti-inflammatory; moisturizing
Aspen bark - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria

Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser (HK$370)
Imagine a cleanser that doesn’t only cleanse but replenish your skin and this is how much I was blown away after first use. The linden blossom in it smells delicate and gentle and the non-foam texture allows me to give myself a mini facial massage before rinsing it off. Needless to say, I enjoy this cleanser a lot. It can be used for removing makeup as well which I tried and it effortlessly removed waterproof mascara and other makeup but since I wear full makeup on the weekdays, I usually use it on the makeup-free weekends and in the mornings only.

Key Ingredients
Rose flower oil - treats dry and sensitive skin
Linden blossom - softens and soothes skin
Ginseng - toning; revitalizing
Ylang ylang - antiseptic; nourishing
Radish root - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria
Rose and Aloe Face Mist
If you are looking for a toner that doesn’t irritate your skin, here it is! The mist is packed with ingredients nourishing ingredients such as rose flower oil and white tea and that’s why my skin feels happy when I spray it on after cleansing or during the day to refresh. I only wish it has larger size as I use the mist quite often.

Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum (HK$435)
Vitamin C is known for its anti-aging properties so I have been wanting to try Vitamin C concentrated products for a while. A little goes a long way for this serum and it takes a few minutes to be absorbed to my skin before I can put my moisturizer so I recommend it for nighttime routine. It claims to be able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots but I don’t have any of those so I wonder what it will do on more mature skin. It does brighten and keep my skin healthy even though I had a few late nights in a row. I cannot wait to report the result when I finish the whole bottle.

Key ingredients:
ascorbic acid polypeptide - water-soluble form of vitamin C; neutralizes free radicals; reduces appearance of premature aging due to environmental damage
superoxide dismutase - highly protective bio-active enzyme; captures free radicals generated by UV light and pollutants
sea algae extract - soothing and nourishing to skin
acerola - fights cellular aging and helps replenish tired and stressed skin
plant phospholipids - building blocks of cellular membranes; helps rebuild the epidermis

Rose and Apricot Day Cream (HK$370)
First of all, this smells amazing! It has natural peachy scent which is totally different from the sweet synthetic fragrance and it actually make me to look forward to putting it on every morning! The day cream is light and easily to be absorbed yet nourishing. I like how it is such a nice base for makeup since it moisturize my skin without being greasy at all. It is a perfect for my oily skin in winter but I think it will suit normal or dry skin all year round.   

Key Ingredients:
Rose flower oil - softens and nourishes skin
Apricot - treats dryness
Peach - a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids; tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and lightens age spots
Rice - softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles
Oat kernel - stimulates collagen production; revitalizing; protects against UVA rays; anti-inflammatory
Borage oil - restores moisture; highest GLA source
Aspen bark - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria

See more JMO's skincare information here and find a store here.

In conclusion, I am glad to find out JMO’s skincare products as I have quite sensitive skin and I have been looking for organic products that are effective and not irritating. Switching to organic skincare makes me realized how much my skin used to suffer from nasty chemical ingredients such as dimethicone, paraben, sodium dodecyl sulfate, fragrance…etc. My skin is generally more calm, healthy, even and less prone to break out.

I am also excited to share the news of the JMO’s new pop up store on Sun Street, Wan Chai. It is a chilled and hip neighborhood and the store feature other guest brands such as feloSOPHIE, niin, Basics for Basics, Zolo Wellness, Ranee K, Madison Blooms and MISCHA. It covers your healthy lifestyle inside and out. See the photo album of the store here.