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We have been excited about Charlotte Tilbury’s brand launch in Hong Kong since we heard the news. On 26th April, it had a grand opening party at Lane Crawford, IFC and it could not be more glamourous. Let’s take a look of the party.


Carina Lau (left), Charlotte Tilbury (centre) and Joey Yung (right)

To present Tilbury’s 10 iconic looks including the Asia’s exclusive look, The Radiant Beauty, 10 beauties including Joey Yung, Chrissie Chau, Gaile Lok, Niki Chow, Karena Ng, Ali Lee, Priscilla Wong, Alison Chan, Feiping Chang and Antonia Li wore each look at the party and of course Tilbury’s famous close friend, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau was there to celebrate the brand’s launch as well.

The “Team Tilbury” also flew over to offer bespoke makeover services from ‘Quick Tricks’ to full ‘Tilbury Transformations’. See more of the event in our photo gallery.

Charlotte Tilbury’s counters are now available at Lane Crawford Canton Road and Lane Crawford IFC Mall.


Model Gaile Lok (left) and Chrissie Chau (right).


TV Actress Priscilla Wong (left) and Ali Lee (right).


Socialite Alison Chan El Azar (left) and Feiping Chang (right)