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I know most people like their brandname makeup products, and I'm no different. But when fast fashion brands (read: Topshop) launches a makeup line, I'm always the first in-line to try these affordable products that are hopefully going to be as good as their apparels. H&M just announced their new beauty range, and their packaging alone already has me convinced! Read on for prices, colours and all the info.

It's not the first time we've seen the stray lip tubes or blushes sold in H&M stores, but it IS their first time launching a full-on counter range, complete with bodycare products and beauty tools.

Their packaging has gotten a big upgrade from their white plastic siblings, and have moved towards a white, black and gold timeless aesthetics.


Their lipstick range comes in 50 shades, their eye shades in 80 variation, and over 180 colours for nail polishes.

For prices, a lipstick go for $99HKD, eye colour palette $129HKD, false lashes for $49.90HKD and nail polishes $49.90HKD a pop. How affordable is that!? We also eye some makeup brushes that go for around $80-100HKD each.

Ecocert (H&M Conscious) Line

For the green lovers, you'll be glad to hear that their Conscious line products are Ecocert approved, which means the ingredients are at least 95% of natural origin, and at least 10% from organic farming. A big plus is that their packaging are all recyclable, and the plastic containers made from recycled material!

The Conscious bodycare line includes everything from lip balm ($69.90HKD) to hand cream, body cream, hand wash, all over oil, deodorant and face mask in a tub (from $69.90HKD).

These products will be in stores on 18th August, 2016. Only the 3 H&M flagship stores will stock them though, so pick your store wisely!

G/F - 3/F, Hang Lung Centre, 2-20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
+852 2337 3400

Shop G38B, C, D & 139 B, C, F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 3521 1171

Shop B2, G/F-1/F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok
+852 2465 6032

Written by Karen Chiang

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